Oilfield Security

Current economic and political activism presents a clear danger to Oilfield Security

Oilfield SecurityVolatile prices, difficult economic times, and renewed terrorist threats have made damage and the theft of product and equipment in energy fields a clear danger to oilfield security. Our experience with proven security solutions has allowed us to integrate into a technologically enhanced security and management system.

Oilfield Security with virtual fencing

The system creates a virtual fence around designated area, we facilitate monitoring of entry as well as all equipment functions; remote management of equipment; and warning of breakdowns, unauthorized entry, and physical/environmental threats.

Our high frequency wireless day and night solution offers 24/7 access, utilizes cameras, motion sensors, GPS, and RFID. We capture day and night images at a range of up to 20km if needed, while logging all critical events. You can learn more about our long range surveillance cameras for Oilfield Security here.

Our solution is also available as a mobile security tower for immediate temporary protection, utilizing the same features and products currently in use by security professionals in government, critical infrastructure, transportation and other security environments.

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