Mobile Surveillance Tower

The Mobile Surveillance Tower system will minimize losses due to theft or vandalism or it can aid law enforcement and security personnel as a tool to curb unruly behavior at events or demonstrations. The system is designed for construction site surveillance in remote areas where geographic conditions make other options ineffective. Each Mobile Surveillance Tower is capable of communicating over 10km away from any other resources.

Through our agreement with AMGI Global, a world leader in security, your sites can be monitored 24/7 with armed personnel. This service monitors sites for events, reports criminal activities to local police and authorities and backs up all video to off-site storage that can be later used as evidence. This is a complete ease of mind solution that is both a proactive response to rising trends and a preventative means to deter criminal behavior. It is designed specifically to be easy to setup – one person can do it – and its user friendly system makes operation simple.

Extended communications coverage with our Mobile Surveillance Tower

If you are having trouble communicating with personnel on remote job sites, then you definitely need to consider our ability to cover every single inch of your location with workable communications capacity. You will no longer be out of touch with anyone that is inside the surveillance grid. Better still, you will know exactly where they are due to the asset tagging portion of the system.

Mobile Surveillance Tower is fully independent

The grid requires to setup resources from the client. We prefer our permanent mount fixtures to be bolted on to a cement footing for greater wind resistance. Our fully mobile solution can be deployed in under 15 minutes and requires no other resources to operate as long as it is within range of another tower on the grid.

Mobile Surveillance Tower – Logistics and inventory management

System provides tracking, logging, and blast inventory cataloging of all tagged assets. Inventory reports are available to authorized staff from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Surveillance Tower – Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness

Not only can our system be used to protect equipment but it can also be used to gather information in the event of a crisis. Our mobile security system replaces first hand visual accounts and does it better. Its height means that it removes visual obstacles that would have obstructed the human eye and its digital storage means that evidence cannot be biased, forgotten or questioned. In the event of an emergency situation remote operators can trigger flood lights to aid in rescue operations, power up a backup power generator to provide extra power, and in addition the system has onboard repeaters for internet, telecom, walkie talkie, and a walkie talkie charging station built in.

Built in storage compartments can be used for storage of emergency supplies as well.

Couple with our asset tracking platform the surveillance tower can also provide a quick inventory of all personnel and hazardous materials on that site. You will never go in unprepared with our technology behind you!

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