Evidence Tracking and Chain of Custody

Our powerful evidence management system is a full tracking system specifically designed to automate evidence tracking and the control of police department equipment. The key to the program is the use of rfid technology to perform evidence tracking and to control police department assets. Our site license gives you full tracking and monitoring capability with alarm events. Fully logging of personnel interaction with evidence also available with our customized grips for police issued sidearms.

  • Eliminate tedious handwritten intake sheets with automated intake templates
  • Immediately print of audit sheets for current inventory and chain of custody

The Evidence Tracking Program

evidence tracking chain of custody restrict accessThe evidence tracking portion of our system can help you be more efficient in a number of ways.  Each piece of evidence is identified with a special label that is nearly indestructible and designed to last for years.  The label contains all the important information about the item along with barcodes encoded with the case number and the tracking number. The barcodes are used to facilitate adding other pieces of evidence with the same case number, as well as, moving items in and out of the evidence room, creating receipts, performing searches and conducting complete audits.  Equally important is the addition of a Portable Data Terminal that enables you to conduct an automated inventory of your property room saving you lots of time and effort.  The program and Portable Data Terminal create an environment where an audit can be completed in hours by simply scanning barcodes.

Safety and security can be a crucial issue for police departments, which is why the PMI Evidence Tracker includes an automated chain of custody with a time/date stamp for each piece of evidence.  The software also has password protection to control access to the various parts of the program. The system administrator can assign a unique username and password to each officer and authorize which parts of the program he or she can access.

In our edition, we have an Activity Log that will report every entry and change made in the program by an each user.  Also, you will find two customizable user defined fields, a 90-day evidence review and the ability to include a photo of a piece of evidence for quick reference.

Asset Entry into Evidence Tracking Program

The asset portion of the our system includes features such as assigning a category, manufacturer, model, acquisition date, assigned to, value, and a detailed description of each piece of police property.  You can enter and tag everything from guns and cruisers to desks and computers, thereby keeping track of who has what item and where the items are located.  You can create standard asset reports and receipts, and even be apprised of its last known location. The system can perform a complete audit in less than 30 minutes.

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