About Us

BSC is for more than just emergency consultation

BSC has a long history of supporting network infrastructures starting over 10 years ago. A lot has changed in that time, we now have state of the art tools written specifically for the way we approach security and maintenance. Also we have hired experts in finance, marketing, programming, security, human resources. All of our computer repair and server repair technicians are industry certified, as are our, network consultants.

Our success is driven by the idea that by adhereing to a strict budgeting structure, not only can we give you superior support, but also afford to give back to the customer in a variety of ways.

Emergency Consultation for your mission critical operations

Our rapid response teams are prepared to come in and assess, assist, and resolve almost any technology related emergency that your company may encounter. Some scenarios might include:

Compromised security

Responding to critical cyber events requires technical knowledge and skills, decision-making abilities, and effective coordination. The best way to prepare your staff is to have them practice under realistic conditions; however, it can be difficult and expensive to create and administer these types of training scenarios.

Critical Response Process

Alert our Critical Reponse Team

Notify the Critical Response team of your data loss

When you need urgent assistance with a mission-critical issue, time is of the essence: call 541.805.2632 and notify our Critical Response team of your data loss scenario.

Our Critical Response Team deploys to your location

Critical Response team deploys to your location

As soon as our Critical Response Team understands the nature of your failure & identifies the resources needed to restore your operations, we’ll begin deploying to your location — any time, day or night.

Critical Response team arrives onsite to assess & stabilize your systems

Initial assessment of your failure

Once our Critical Response team arrives on-site, we’ll meet with you to begin assessing the failure so far, stabilize your environment, and discuss options for restoration of normal operations with you.

Begin recovery & restoration of your data & storage systems

Begin Onsite Data Recovery Efforts

Once you & our Critical Response team have discussed options & decided on a plan to restore your mission-critical data, our expertly-trained data recovery technicians will begin work to recover data from your NAS servers, RAID arrays, or other storage systems.

(541) 805-2632 to begin your emergency consultation!