Facebook Fanpage Guide

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Facebook Fanpage Guide

Facebook Fanpage Guide

Over the past several months, Facebook has experienced a dramatic increase in Facebook Fanpage numbers and general users. Put simply, the reason Facebook Pages are so important is that they serve as the only highly “customizable” outlet on Facebook in which you can leverage to gain your brand, company, or organization significant influence.

A Facebook Fanpage is a Company, Brand, or Organization’s Profile

You may have seen them- friend requests from companies? Brands and companies wanted an avenue to grow a following on Facebook. Many of them decided to create personal profile pages which is against Facebook policy. This
was one of the primary reasons Facebook launched Facebook Fanpages- to serve as a brand building outlet for companies. Essentially, Facebook Pages are to your business as your personal Facebook profile is to you.

Your Facebook Fanpage is Directly Integrated Into Users’ Feeds

In my opinion this is one of the major benefi ts of Facebook Pages. When a user “likes” your Facebook Fanpage, all of your Facebook Fanpage activity will be presented in the users news feed. This includes photo uploads, status updates, link sharing, and any other content that’s posted on the wall by default. This feature is analogous to a spider building a web. The larger the web, the more “food” the spider catches. By bringing in more “likers” you are not only growing your “web” but are then consistently strengthening it because these users will constantly see your updates.

Facebook Fanpages Allow for High Level of Creativity

Facebook Fanpages are the most apt outlet on Facebook to allow for advanced branding and application integration. A tab called a “canvas tab” is the main creative outlet that all major brands and organizations are using. On these custom tabs any brand can include various items including slideshows, pay buttons, chat boxes, fl ash, video, and other custom built Facebook applications. This provides a great opportunity to leverage the large user base Facebook has
in order to get them involved in your own brand.

Where to start?

So all this Facebook Page stuff is confusing, we understand, BUT there is a simple step by step solution!

Before we start, navigate to to begin setting up your page. Be sure you select to set up a PAGE and not a COMMUNITY PAGE.

First 10 Steps to Start Your Weight Loss

Think of Facebook fan pages as a way for you to loose weight. What is the weight: Time. We are starting off very heavy [time consuming], but by setting up an infrastructure that effi ciently allows your brand to grow, you can spend less
and less time on your page but see proficiently more responsive and increasing results.

  1. Start by filling out the info tab. Be sure to include words and phrases that accurately describe or reference the niche you are working to capture.
  2. Leverage the entire left side of the page by installing a 200px by 600px default picture. Not using this entire space is like throwing away prime real estate on your fan page- space that every users see’s when they come to your page.
  3. Search “Static FBML” in Facebook search and add this application to your page. This application will allow you to add highly custom content to your page via tabs. This content can include anything from a “clickable” image to a
    full fledged competition.
  4. Provide an incentive for people to “like” your page. “Like my page and i’ll like yours” is not suffi cient.
  5. Start building a community.
  6. After you get 25 “likers” [Pronounced “Like-ERS” not “Lick-ERS”] head over to to get a custom link for your page.
  7. Update your page status in ways that require user action. Do this no more than 2-3 times daily.
  8. Empower “Brand Emperors”, or the folks really involved in your niche market, by letting them post links to their pages, help others, and provide extra value.
  9. Develop real partnerships with your community members and other pages Give value or boo on you. There is so much content out on the internet that what you do really is not that special- make it special. Get to personally know
  10. your “likers”, build real relationships with them and continue providing them with vast amounts of value in line with the pages niche.

The goal of your Facebook Fanpage can not, and should not, be to make money. If it is, you’ll never grow. You need to genuinely care about the people on your Facebook Fanpage. Inquire to them about their goals and dreams. IF you decide to start
pushing a product, follow the famous 80% 20% rule. 80% of your posts need to be giving value and then 20% can be about a product or an affiliate link.

After you get the basics down, you can start creating things like a Facebook Page TV Station. Or, if you feel like you need more help, feel free to contact one of our Social Media Experts to help you with your Facebook Fanpage!
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