How to Upload a YouTube Video in WordPress

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 How to Upload a YouTube Video in WordPress


WordPress video upload

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is infinite right? Having videos on your wordpress site can dramatically help you with your web presence. Not only does it give more value to the casual surfer stumbling across your wordpress blog, but it keeps them there longer which helps improve your onsite metrics and performance.

Unfortunately incorporating videos into your blog without extra code or plugins is a problem.

Creating a composition for wordpress video upload

We like to start off with a couple videos for our customers produced with Animoto, the render quality for the free or “plus” accounts is somewhat low, but reasonably adequate for published content on the web.

Skirting wordpress video upload with youtube channel gallery plugins

wordpress video upload youtube channel display blog plugin

Uploading videos is overall a pain when dealing with wordpress. So we wrote a plugin to handle it easier. This way you only have to upload the video to your YouTube channel and the plugin will automatically display the feed on a page of your choosing with a simple short tag.
Lear more about our Enhanced YouTube Gallery Plugin for WordPress here!

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