Working with the JSF 2.0 Standard Custom Tags: A JavaServer Faces 2.0 Tutorial

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This tutorial simply picks up from the previous lesson which built a simple JSF application and subsequently deployed that application to Tomcat 7. Here we explore three of the four custom tag libraries that are part of the standard JavaServer Faces distribution, namely the HTML, Core and UI tag libraries. We save the composite tag library for a future tutorial. This tutorial doesn’t get too crazy, as it really is just designed to help you ensure that everything is working properly, and that indeed you can use the various JSF custom tags on your xhtml pages. I will say that the discussion of the ui:debug tag is pretty kewl, especially if you are a JSF 1.2 developer who doesn’t have any familiarity with the new JSF 2.0 custom tag library additionsVideo Rating: 5 / 5

The full resolution video is at So is the source code. So, if you got a little tired of managing the old faces-config.xml file in your JavaServer Faces 1.2 applications, you’re going to love the introduction of the @ManagedBean and @SessionScoped annotations in JSF 2.0. This tutorial deals with the job of handling user input. How can we take user input from an HTML form using JSF? This tutorial will show you how, using the good old Rock-Paper-Scissors game as the concept that drives the learning. This tutorial is just beyond the maximum 15 minute length allowed for a youtube video, so it is broken up into two files. Alternatively, if you would like to view the high resolution video in its entirety, you can head over to the associated website, http You’ll also find the code there to download as well.Video Rating: 5 / 5