• Oilfield Security Camera

    Monitor important assets in remote areas without power or internet. Stunning images come from advanced optics that can view up to 20km. IPhone viewable.
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    Oilfield Security Camera
  • Craigslist Auto Poster

    Car Dealerships & Craigslist:
    We post a listing that is not only informative and pleasing, but in full compliance with Craigslist’s standards. Every 3 days the content is rotated to constantly stay in front of your target audience. Every post has analytics keep you informed that are emailed and in your inbox first thing every Morning so we know how to approach the next sales week!
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    Craigslist Auto Poster
  • Computer Repair & Network Cabling

    BSC wants to be your company’s local-sourced desktop & server support company. Through our Managed IT Services platform, we provide ongoing desktop & server support along with monitoring of your company’s technology environment.
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    Computer Repair & Network Cabling
  • Web Design

    Proper layout of your website is extremely important in having search engines being able to reach your pages and glean the important pages of your website. With improper layout, your content could be great but search engines could actually penalize you because it thinks you’re website is spammy! Therefore, it’s critical that you get your website layout right to begin with.
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    Web Design
  • Marketing Services

    If you’ve managed a marketing or advertising budget, with little ability to tell what was working and what wasn’t, you already know it’s a very frustrating place to be for a business owner. You feel like you’re just throwing money out there to see what works.

    You’re busy trying to run and grow your business. You’re not a marketing or advertising expert, and you don’t want to be. You just want to run your business and serve your customers.
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    Marketing Services
Online Marketing
Quantifiable marketing results starting at $300 a month.

  • Contingency Marketing
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Weekly Progress Reports

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Web Design and Hosting
Why pay for hosting when we deliver more for free than you can on your own paying.

  • Free Hosting
  • 100s of Styles
  • Custom Themes on Demand
  • eCommerce Ready

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Computer Repair and Networking
Analysis and preventive measures for various issues concerning today’s business environment.

  • Managed Services Provider
  • Computer Leasing
  • Cyber Security
  • Custom Programming

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remote ip oilfield security camera
Remote Surveillance Systems
Monitor important assets in remote areas without power or internet.

  • 20km Range
  • Lifetime Monitoring
  • Remote Viewable
  • No Utilities Required

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BSC is a Managed Services Provider with leading proprietary software and methodologies to cut through under-performing results.

  • Computer Repair
  • Network Cabling
  • Voice Over IP VoIP
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Online Marketing
  • Web Design and Web Hosting